Dear Fellow Parents considering using Happy Rainbows Nursery,


My Wife and I first began using this nursery more than 10 years ago for our first child.


Choosing a team of people to look after the most important thing in your life is a massive decision to make , I am happy to say we made the right choice with Ruth and the team.

All 3 of our children went to Happy Rainbows from an early age , and all 3 are now flourishing at school having been also prepared for school by the nursery, helping teach them things like the importance of sharing, dealing with children they haven’t met before and acceptable behaviours.


Over the space of 10 years our children were cared for to the same standards we would have done at home , any concerns we ever had would be dealt with swiftly and changes actioned if they were needed.

Documentation was correctly maintained and daily reports given on our child’s behaviour, appetite and sleep patterns.


Equipment was always clean and the kids had a wide range of toys and books to play with and the kids had a varied range of meals on a daily basis .


Security at the site is maintained  by a high fence  allowing the kids to also spend time outside with the staff in the nicer weather always with staff present and it was always nice to hear the kids having fun outside with the team before anyone had noticed you had arrived to collect your child.


I am happy to recommend the nursery to other parents and have done so on numerous occasions knowing what a massive level of importancewe placed on getting this right and I am pleased to say we did.


Kind Regards

Gary Garfield

Testimonial by a Parent about Happy Rainbow Nursery