Educational Planning

The 7 areas of learning used for planning are:-


1  Personal, Social and Emotional Development

2  Physical Development

3  Communication and Language

4  Literacy

5  Mathematics

6  Understanding the World

7   Expressive Arts and Design

Through our planning, we encourage each child with:

  • Language, listening and attention development –working alongside the letters and sounds documentation

  • Number recognition, counting skills and basic mathematical concepts

  • Exploring and using media and materials, including first level Information Technology and use of computers and interactive white board

  • Understanding people and communities and the World in which we live

  • Early Language saying Hello in different ways.

  • Physical play and development through extensive use of movement, dance and drama as well health and self-care

  • Developmental music, rhythm and rhyme and singing

  • A wide variety of craft activities encouraging independence and imagination, and sensory, creative and manipulative skills


  • High standards of personal and social behaviour.